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sbcjr · 1759 days ago

Well, since we added html capabilities to the comment system on Fruitiply, I thought it would be nice to post a brief tutorial on how to use tags, and give everyone a place to try them out!


Playground!So here's your playground!  I'll explain how to use html tags, then you can play with them in the comments below, for practice


A tag looks like this: <p>  Pretty simple, huh?  Often, an opening (beginning) and a closing (ending) tag will be required.  So, the closing tag for the example above would be </p>.


The first tag to learn is the bold tag.  If you want to make some text in your comment bold, this is how you do it: <b>my text</b>  Notice the opening <b> tag, and the closing </b> tag.  Anything in between those tags will be bold.  So, for example, if you enter "This is a <b>beautiful</b> day!", you will get: "This is a beautiful day!"


Italics are done with <i> and </i> tags.  Easy enough?


You can combine tags, like this: <b><i>This text will be bold and italicized.</i></b>  This text will be bold and italicized.


So what if you want to change the color?  Use font tags: <font> and </font>.  For red text, try this: <font color="red">Red text.</font> = Red text.


If you want to post a link, use this format: <a href="">My Family</a>.  You'll get this: My Family.


If you want to include an image in your comment, use an img tag.  This is one tag that is self closing, so you just include a slash at the end, and no closing tag.  Here's how: <img src="" />  From that code, you'll get the image to the right!


The important thing to keep in mind is that you don't want to include large images in comments.  Only small ones. wideeyed


Here are a few more examples for you:

Different <font color="green" size="6">properties</font>.  =  Different properties.

Insert a smiley with an img tag! <img src="" /> = 

"<b><i><u>Bold, italicized, underlined.</u></i></b>  =  Bold, italicized, underlined.

To make a horizontal line, just use the <hr> tag.

A <font face="Wingdings">different</font> font... = A different font...

Or <font face="Comic Sans MS">another</font>...  =  Or another...

Here's <font face="times">Times</font>.  =  Here's Times.

There are so many different things you can do with it!  Try it out below, and if you have any questions about how to do something, ask away!


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