Wes_Guynn · 1800 days ago

As the kids get older I find myself repeating certain phrases over and over. Ones like, "Trey, do you need to go potty?" or "Addy, sit down in your high-chair". But, one phrase in particular caused an interesting scene the other night.   Before I te

Wes_Guynn · 1810 days ago

?4U. Do u evr use a dxnry? Do u rofl oftn? Do u hv frnds tht r 2bz4u cz of txting? Jus wntd 2 no. If you easily read that you either have talent or you are a textaholic! (I had to use an online decoder, seriously!)   People that text often, have cre

Wes_Guynn · 1830 days ago

One of my pet peeves is girls' purses. Yes that's right, purses! Trying to find something in a girl's purse is like rummaging through the aftermath of a natural disaster! Now I know I am crossing the line into dangerous female territory, but honestly, am I

Wes_Guynn · 1945 days ago

I am the worst person in the world to shop with. I usually completely flip out! But this time, I was determined not to let this shopping trip stress me out. Determined! So, off we went, the wife, two kids and a double stroller. Out to grab a little piece o

Wes_Guynn · 1946 days ago

It's my birthday today, yep, I'm a Christmas baby! Came home on a snowy Christmas eve.   Today, my sister told me she was going to wait to give me my birthday present on Christmas. Now you might say, "That's no big deal, just four more days. You can

Wes_Guynn · 1949 days ago

This is now my third day of Christmas vacation from teaching school. I have settled soundly into a lazy routine that is going to be very hard to break when it comes time. Don't tell anybody, but I did not wake up until 10:30 this morning! How lazy is that!
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