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Lizzy enjoying Minnie mouse's ear
7 days ago
I invited some families over to do some projects today. We had a good time. It was also Lizzy Bryan's bday, so we celebrated with cake!
7 days ago
The kids made ressurection rolls as we went over the death, burial, ressurection story
7 days ago
Lizzy Bryan's minnie mouse cake
7 days ago
Nap time on the couch on mommy. And she's snoring.
13 days ago
I am gaining weight! :)
23 days ago
Josh Duggar posted this video of an impromptu God Bless America by the Collingsworths during their visit at the Duggars' tonight. Lucky! :D
26 days ago
At first Lia's pro-choice teacher told her that she was disqualified from the school's speech competition because her topic was too controversial. But then she HEARD the speech and was so blown away s…
27 days ago
Some of the last things we are doing and seeing on Grand Cayman Island.
27 days ago
  I don't know about Kenzi, but I got a good message out of her bible class this morning as I was brushing my hair.   The story is about Jonah. Very popular story, but what her teacher said got me thinking. She was talking about how he was having a pitty party b/c God didn't punish the people of Nin…
30 days ago
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33 days ago
different cakes I have made
40 days ago
I got the chance to meet Senator Ted Cruz on Tuesday!
42 days ago
The whole family...I think its safe to say this is a day we won't soon forget! haha the day was a bit warm for taking pictures! ;)
42 days ago
If you find you have trouble remembering which one to use, this rhyme can save your paper! Caitlyn Coker posted this on Pinterest.
42 days ago
Check out the accomplishments on the Goals group and join us!
44 days ago
46 days ago
He was huge i wonder why he was a fan of chik-fil-a
48 days ago
Some friends told of the *perfect* hill to go to. :)
49 days ago
52 days ago
Came across this vintage painting today, and something about it grabbed my heart and tugged. Somehow the artist perfectly portrayed the joy of simple things, the beauty of motherhood, the preciousnes…
54 days ago
Saw this sweet moment yesterday and grabbed the camera...Eva sat in Nanny's bed for close to half an hour and they just talked and talked. I don't know which one of them is happier that Nanny's home …
54 days ago
Things of interest from the island.
54 days ago
'Thought you might like to watch old blue for a bit.
54 days ago
Rachel and I were treated to the Orchid Show at the Botanical Gardens, Grand Cayman. Mrs. Ivy took us. We don't know who paid our entrance fee--it was anonymous.
54 days ago
Trey figured this out before school this morning. :) Thought Grandma would be proud. ;)
58 days ago
Jan (Thu, 2:03 pm)
Hey there friends! Help celebrate the first day of Spring with your liddps, Ritas is FREE TODAY! ;)
Jan (Thu, 2:05 pm)
Haha...my smartphone is not too smart! That was suppose too say KIDDOS ;)
sbcjr (Fri, 5:30 am)
@Jan Lucky you!
Jan (Fri, 8:13 am)
Anna (Fri, 8:22 am)
Happy birthday, @Elisabeth!! Hope it's an extra-special day!
Jan (Fri, 11:33 am)
Mrs_Corbett (Fri, 1:25 pm)
Happy birthday, Elisabeth! I'm proud to be your Mom!
Sam (Fri, 1:49 pm)
Happy Birthday Elisabeth!! Enjoy your special treat. ;)
Mrs_Corbett (Tue, 9:31 am)
Happy birthday, Lori!
Mrs_Corbett (Sat, 5:26 pm)
I hope you'll take the five to six minutes needed to watch Sam's video. You'll be glad you did.
sbcjr (Sat, 9:35 pm)
Thanks! I'll definitely be watching it when our internet hits the unmetered period! :)
Mrs_Corbett (Sun, 12:14 am)
sbcjr (Sun, 3:46 am)
Yup- definitely worth your time! Thanks, @Sam!
Sam (Sun, 4:34 pm)
Matt (Fri, 12:45 pm)
if you find any lizards, please bring it to my house
Mrs_Corbett (Fri, 10:42 pm)
We'll keep our eyes open. :)
Jan (Tue, 12:23 am)
Matthew you are such a cutie! I hope you find your friend a playmate! :)
Mrs_Corbett (Wed, 3:42 am)
Happy birthday, Daniel! I love you! Mother
sbcjr (Wed, 3:45 am)
Yay- happy birthday, @Daniel_C!
Sam (Wed, 10:38 am)
Happy Birthday Daniel!! Have a great one !
Jan (Wed, 2:34 pm)
Happy Birthday, Daniel! I hope you have a super blessed day!
Sam (Fri, 12:51 pm)
Happy Birthday Matthew! Have a super day!
Mrs_Corbett (Fri, 4:11 pm)
Happy birthday, Matthew! I hope you have a great time today!
Jan (Sat, 11:01 pm)
Matthew says, Thank you!
Sam (Sun, 2:57 pm)
It was pretty neat to see Josh & Anna Duggar at our church this morning
Mrs_Corbett (Sun, 5:52 pm)
Yeah, Sam! That was cool! Did the ushers let them know that they had a nursery? :) :) :)
Sam (Sun, 8:49 pm)
I have no idea. I didn't know they were there until the end when visitors were recognized. They kept their children with them during the service and I didn't hear them. I rushed over to welcome them before the crowd of people got there.
Bekah (Mon, 9:10 am)
Wow that's really cool Sam!! :)
Jan (Mon, 6:25 pm)
That is so cool! @ Mrs. Corbett: I am sure that they let them know they had a nursery. ;)
sbcjr (Tue, 3:31 am)
Very, very neat!
Mrs_Corbett (Wed, 8:57 am)
Haha! I didn't mean to be offensive. I just was imagining the meeting of two very different philosophies regarding children in church. :) The idea of it made me smile. :)
Jan (Wed, 2:27 pm)
Sam (Fri, 11:22 am)
I remember visiting a church by my parents house once. I had Nathan with me and Kenzi stayed home cause she wasn't feeling well. Nathan was around 5 mos old and I had him in the carrier. As soon as I walked in, a lady came to me and told me they have a nursery for him. I said ok thanks and took him with me into the service. She didn't even say hi, or welcome to our church or anything. no one in that church greeted me at all. Definitely did not feel welcome and would not go back.
Sam (Sun, 10:37 pm)
Please be in prayer for Nathaniel Doggett. He was hit by a car today and flown to children's hospital. No broken bones PTL, however during exploratory surgery doctors found a hole in his stomach. They are addressing the problem. This is all I know for now. Please pray
Sam (Sun, 10:51 pm)
He is out of surgery and in ICU on a ventilator. They need to monitor him for the next few days to make sure nothing else wrong shows up. Please pray!
Sam (Mon, 2:00 pm)
Latest update: Dr's found a fracture in right ankle. He is fighting an infection and praying that it can be controlled with meds so that they do not have to operate again. Dr's say next few days will be critical because other things could pop up. They said he will get worse before he gets better. So glad we have a God who is bigger and more powerful than the Dr's. Please continue to pray for God to give the Dr's wisdom and to give Nathanaels body the strength to fight the infection and fully heal.
Jan (Mon, 7:00 pm)
Praying, Sam! Thank you for posting these updates!
Sam (Mon, 8:15 pm)
Ron & I went to see Nathaneal tonight. He isn't out of the woods yet, please keep praying. Here is a new update from his dad a few mins ago.Update: Nathanael is having a good day! I have no doubt your prayers are being heard and I can't tell you how proud I am to be his father! His vitals are stable. The doctors have all stated how good he is doing. They can't get over how strong and courageous he's been. A few moments ago, I walked in the room after taking a break and as soon as I walked in, he heard my voice and raised both his hands-he wanted a hug! We loved on each other and he watched the duggar video and thought that was amazing! His blood pressure was doing really good today without assistance although it is dropping slightly now so he may need some more fluids to help! All in all, a good day! Thank you all for your prayers!!
Jan (Tue, 8:34 am)
Hey there everyone! The Blue Crabs have a free game today at 1:00. The kiddos can sit where ever they want. :)
sbcjr (Wed, 3:43 am)
@Sam - Thank you so very much for these updates.
sbcjr (Wed, 3:44 am)
Wish we could've taken advantage of that, @Jan! Thanks for the heads up!
Jan (Wed, 9:03 am)
No problem! My guys really wanted to catch a baseball. We had been there for about two and half hours and I really need to go...the babies all had done great but they were getting tired. So I prayed that a foul ball would be hit to us and minutes later not one but two balls were hit in our section. Our guys kept one and gave one to another little boy. :) It was a fun time!
Sam (Wed, 4:15 pm)
Newest update on Nathanael: Update: sorry for the late update but today has been WONDERFUL! The Lord has shown us SO MUCH favor through the progress of my son, Nathanael Doggett! We have received well wishes and prayers from people all over this Globe!! There is no doubt that God is working ALL things together for good! Not only through Nathanael's recovery but also through the testimony on believers who have rallied on Nathanael's behalf in this matter of prayer! Our nurses have stated they don't see the amount of support Nathanael has received and God is getting the glory for it all! As of right now, they have removed Nathanael from all medication except morphine for pain and antibiotic for infection defense!! They are also removing his breathing tubes as he is now breathing completely on his own!! PTL! He may be in ICU for two or three more days and then a few days in recovery on a lower level of care! Please continue to pray for him as he is now operating solo without any assistance and that he continues to fight off infection on his own and gains additional strength to endure the pain as he's weened off of pain meds gradually. We want to thank you all for the time you've spent praying for our son! Words can't express the joy Heather and I have seeing him recover so quickly and smoothly and it's because of the MASSIVE amounts of PRAYER that has reached heaven's door for Nathanael! No doubt, Christians around the world have been begging for bread and the Lord delivered!! Sincerely and forever grateful, The Doggett Family
sbcjr (Wed, 10:43 pm)
Wow...that's wonderful to hear. Thank you so much.
Jan (Wed, 11:50 pm)
That is so awesome!!!!
Sam (Thu, 12:02 am)
There are pics of Nathanael on FB if your heart can handle them. Today's pic does look much better than he did when we saw him in hospital Mon night.
Jan (Thu, 12:14 am)
How awesome to see him without tubes!
Sam (Thu, 10:14 am)
This morning's update is wonderful! PTL :Another wonderful update: they will be removing the other lung tube later today! This is the last of the tubes in his body! They will also try to get him out of bed later today as well! They believe he will be transferred out of ICU tomorrow!! He has had ZERO infection which was the major concern of the doctors throughout and your prayers in this regard have not gone unanswered! PTL!! I also have to say that our church family at Independent Baptist Church, coworkers, friends and family have been unbelievably supportive to our family and we just want you to know how much we love you all and we are so thankful you are apart of our lives!!
Jan (Thu, 11:17 am)
sbcjr (Thu, 4:23 pm)
That's incredible...wow.
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